If you want to enrol your child into St Brendan’s Primary School, this page has all the information that you need for a smooth application.


Application process


1. Application to enrol:

  • Enrolments are open from early Term 3, in the year before commencement.
  • Parent or carer downloads or collects a hard copy of the Enrolment Package.
  • Parent or carer completes the Application to Enrol form, providing all required documentation in the parent checklist, then submits the application directly to the school.
  • It must be understood that submission of the Application to Enrol and documentation does not guarantee an offer of enrolment.

2. Principal and school interview with the family:

  • Family interviews will begin in Term 3, depending on school procedures. The interview will help us understand the needs of each student.
  • When enrolling a student with a disability and additional needs, the Principal, in consultation with appropriate personnel, is required to follow the Ascertainment Process for the Enrolment of Students with Diverse Learning Needs.
  • If a student, parent or carer is on a visa, the school will liaise with the Attendance Officer at CEDWW prior to any enrolment offer being made.

3. Confirmation of offer and acceptance of enrolment:

  • Parents or carers receive a written enrolment offer from the school.
  • Parents or carers need to confirm in writing their acceptance of this offer. All parents and carers must complete an Enrolment Agreement form. This will be supplied by each school after acceptance is received.
  • Students may also be placed on a waiting list. Any formalised waiting list is to be prioritised and procedurally fair. Appeals against the decision shall be made firstly to the Principal and then to the Director of Catholic Education or delegate at CEDWW.

4. Orientation sessions for students:

  • Orientation and transition programs for incoming students are usually held in Terms 3 or 4. The arrangements may vary depending on the school and the needs of the students.

Education in light of Jesus Christ

Teachers are rostered for supervision of the playground between 8:30am to 3:30pm.

Download your enrolment information here

What documents do you need?

Child information

We need a copy of your child’s birth and immunisation certificates. We also need a copy of any sacramental certificates they may have.

Medical information

If your child has a medical condition or disability that we need to be aware of, please provide a copy of your child’s treatment or management plan.

Proof of address

We require a copy of your driver’s license or latest bill to verify your address and identity.

If you need support

Our staff are here to help you should you need support to fill out your enrolment forms. Get in touch with us today and we will help you.

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