About St Brendan's

St Brendan’s is a co-educational primary school catering for children from kindergarten to Year 6. We are part of the Catholic education system of the Wagga Wagga Diocese.

Our school motto is ‘Launch out into the deep‘. At St Brendan’s, we provide our students and families with a Christ-centred, nurturing and happy environment that encourages an ongoing love of learning.

We offer students a full range of learning experiences that cater for individuals in all the key learning areas within the curriculum.


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A message from our principal.

Welcome to our school website. St Brendan’s is a small, caring community and we extend a warm welcome to you and your children.

As you wander through our website I invite you to familiarise yourself with our wonderful faith and learning community.

Our rich catholic heritage provides the foundation for all aspects of school life. Our school is an integral part of the Ganmain Parish and we work very closely with the Parish Administrator, Father Justin Darlow.

Whilst learning about and living our faith are paramount to us, we also respect other faith traditions. Teachers work with staff and students to further the mission of Jesus by teaching his message and helping the children to realise the importance of Jesus’ teaching for their lives today.

Our school motto is ‘Launch out into the deep‘, and at St Brendan’s we are dedicated to providing an education for our students that will assist them to become confident and resilient learners who will grow into the well-rounded adults of tomorrow. Technology is integrated into all learning programs enabling students to utilise and extend their skills and research.

St Brendan’s has a very dedicated staff, a very generous and supportive parent body and Parish Community who assist spiritually and financially to bring the Gospel values to the students with the very best education possible.

Please enjoy learning about our school.

Paul Spain


Being a small school we have greater capacity to tailor each child’s education.


Our teachers work hard to get to know our students, including their strengths, challenges and motivations.


We strive to support the student-parent-teacher relationship, providing an enhanced, engaging and effective experience for all.


We’ve created a safe and inclusive learning space for everyone to give things a go.

Our History

When the Presentation Sisters founded St Brendan’s in 1906, classes were held in the original church building. In 1931, a new brick building was opened with additions to this in 1967. A secondary department was added and continued until 1969.

Throughout the years, there has been an active interest taken by the parents in work at the school. The Sisters maintained a presence in the school until the end of 1986. Without their dedication and commitment, the school would not be what it is today.

Our school continues in the fine tradition laid down for us by the Sisters. In 1988, the Dominican Sisters took up residence in the convent and remained involved in the school until 2002. And in 2006, we celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the opening of St Brendan’s School.

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